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Request to Submit a Formal Question

Advisory Notes


  1. Anyone wishing to have a written response to a question provided at the PACF can submit questions online using the electronic form provided on this page. Questions must be submitted no later than COB 30 May. Responses to these questions will be available in writing to all attendees and published on the PACF website after the forum.
  2. Questions received after the 30 May deadline, will be included in the questions and responses for the next PACF.
  3. Airservices Australia (ASA) is responsible for managing complaints and enquiries about aircraft noise, flight paths and operations. Questions relating to these matters should be forwarded directly to the ASA’s Noise Complaints and Information Service (NCIS) for a response. The NCIS aims to make contact within 21 days of the lodgement of a complaint.
  4. Where questions are unable to be answered in time for the forum, they will be taken on notice to enable the matter to be investigated and responses  made available in writing to all attendees at the following PACF. They will also be published on the PACF website after the forum.
  5. Written responses provided publicly include the name and suburb of the person on the question form.
  6. Questions that are considered inappropriate, offensive or otherwise not in good faith; duplicates or variations of earlier questions, may be rejected.
  7. Anyone wishing to ask a question without notice at the forum will be able to ask their questions directly to staff members from Perth Airport, Airservices Australia, the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman (when in attendance) and other bodies represented at the PACF.
  8. If further information is still required, members of the public can then lodge a ‘Request for Further Information’ form via the Chair at the forum.


Enter your question in the form provided below

  • A copy of your question and the response will be made available at the PACF. After the meeting your response will also be emailed to you and posted on the website.
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